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Pulmonary Care

Sleep Care

Lung and Sleep Testing/Treatment


Pulmonary Care

PSCK evaluates and treats the entire specturm of pulmonary disorders. Our team will provide consultation, diagnosis, treatment, and longitudinal care. We provide specialty management including bronchoscopy, EBUS, robotic biopsy, post transplan care, thoracentesis, and lung cancer screening.

Sleep Medicine

PSCK has experts in diagnosing and treating all types of sleep disorders. We offer a range of testing services including home sleep testing, oximetry, in lab sleep studies, and MSLTs.  We also provide CPAP and inspire management.


PSCK offers in office pulmonary function testing with dedicated RT staff ensure the highest quality testing. We also offer a variety of advanced biologic treatments for management of specific lung disorders.


PSCK offers CPAP/Durable Medical Equipment services for patients with participating insurance programs. Our experienced DME team can help iwth optimizing your settings or mask fit.

Services for everything related to lungs and sleep

At PSCK, our board-certified physicians and specialists work to diagnose and treat a wide range of pulmonary and sleep related disorders.

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